About me


I’ve been a Software Engineer, Tester, Systems Engineer for the last 20+ years.

My current role is called “Cloud Architect”, and I’m primarily working in the cloud infrastructure sphere. This includes everything from getting a server installed, and connected to the dedicated cluster, keeping it up to date, as well as logging and monitoring for all the services. My main focused is on Kubernetes and OpenStack. I’m very deep in forcing Design Documents as an entrypoint for discussions, as well as documentation of the results.

I do less coding than I’d prefer, but these days it is done in either python or Go, depending on my mood, and who is supposed to also edit the code.

Occasionally I try to teach people on

  • Python for Sys Admins
  • How to use a cloud?
  • Caveats of running on a cloud
  • Todays Ok-ish practices
  • Our infrastructure
  • The whys and the hows

But most important. I try to spend as much time with my kids as possible. And when there is some spare time, you’ll likely find me running, cycling, or having a beer.